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ABSTRACT: The Knowledge apoclpse approcehs the world. What can be done to undertand the new apocolypse of the instituition ? how can we help solve the world problems as artits and criticl reseacher ? The Research archives of the instuition contain the imporntat researh MASTER DATABASEE (send the emails to the Research Institute to resieve the Research Alerts from the Institutioon please) Download imporartn research guidelines GOOGLED RESERCH INSTITUTE which is rated High let the resarch be your MASTER wil you heed the Master's call ? Some of our resarch projects 1. High Quiality Rsearch (WORLD IMPROVEMENT STRATEGGY)

IMPORTANTScienece Reserch of hte Brain (LIKE) WWW of world Reserch for the Artists

The Reserh master contains highly crtical information on the researhh -External income is highly competitive howver our Research TEAM have been succusfull in writing an grant application which will be submited via the research mater database soon (more detials and Research ALERTS to follow). External reearch money for the rsearch projects $$$

The Earth is contolled by the GOOGLE (Top Research SEARCH Engine for researching infomation of hte World Improvemnt Strategires)

2. Human Disease



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