Research and Art spotlight:

THE COMING KNOWLEDGE APACOLYPSE!!!!! ERA AND HERD C outputs----knowlege is power, as artsit researchers we have IMMENSE power to fix the world (whihc is diseased but the artists can HELP!!!!!) please select imporant reseach topics (becasue your art is important ) sustainability, climate cchange the natural environment the urban envoronment global warming THE HUMAN BODY EXPERIMENT (your art/research must be aligned with Strategic plan for world improvement Excellent Research!!! - Research CLUSTER - Esteemed Research Activity! Institute rarted HIGH in Internatioanl RESEARCH RANKING across all major dscipline AREAS (CROSS DISCIPLINAY RESEARCH CENTRRE) No.1 Reseach Cluster


ALL Research outputs must have a demonstrated ability to conduct imporant research in the Institution RESERACH TEAM for helping the WORLD required, (please list your RESRACH TEAM) all who have excellent track record- Imporatnt KEY NOTE ADDRESS Topic- Art/Research must help the world (please) part of the Strategic plan of the Research Institute (MAXIMISE YOUR EXCELLENT RESEARCH outputs - Prestiguos and internatioanl outputs selcted by important peers (VERY COMPETITIVE) (PHd Required) Artist only who have identified and solved their research questions. Current Research MATRIX indicates Reseach ACTIVE for world improvemnt projects Excellent Research = Research $$$$ PLEASE CLICK ON THIS IMPORTANT LINK:*RESEARCH MASTER*Login details Chief Investigator!!! for Research incubator for reseach conducted in human research (any researcher conducting research with human participants)
  2. Research allocation database for individual researchers will be allocted to reseachers
  3. human organs combine with monkey (signifanct reseach project )

STRATEGIC PLANS of the Institute (LIKE) Research milestones for world improvement. supported research topics (as above) must be slected by all artists - Critical Performance Indication =World improvement for all researchers at all times. ALL RESEARCH ACTIVITIES TO BE SUPPORTED by The Institute must secure additioanl funding (External Research Income for World Improvemnt) Please note once the world improvment is fully achieved other sources of funding will no longer be required. All Researchers must have allocated research time. (Category 1 researcher) Pilot Rresearch project and Internatioanl partnershps for World Improvement will also be considered (plus highly competitive external resaerch income) The Institute extends a warm Xmas Greeting to the families of the researchers and the artists Current TECHNOLGIES IN USE in the researh instituton: the iPad and iPhones

inside body