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Apocolypse of the Earth (knowledge Apocalypse)

SIGNIFACANCE AND INNOVATION Reseach clusterCurrent research interests focus on World Improvemnt strategies only (The future of the PLEASE CLICK: human species no doubt depends on research undertaken by artists/researchers in the Institution) Therefore we see the reasaerch undertaken as critical in the current climate of university - The research environmnet is competitive, we have therefore aligned ourslves with World Improvemnt This will be achieved through the internet (WWW protocols such as email and Facebook)(LIKE) "THE CLOUD"TEAM of high calibre - THE MOST GOOGLEED RESEACH INSTITUTE !!!! for artist Resechers

EXCITING RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES!! a top team of researchers! The ability to use keynote software for the preperation of keynote addresses is recomendod (Research active artists are required for human problem - humans created the problem, humans (artists/researchers ) will solve it as part of World Improvement Strategy (WIS) and a variety of forward thinking research projects to assist the population and other artists ()grant applications!) - ARC Discovery and Linkage grants now (Excellent track recordd) Search results: Excellent Rresearch Institutte

World Improvement strategies conferecne proccedings (high quality research - category A)

VACUUM TUBE AND HUMAN EXCREMENT (PhD) (human biological material)


: World Improvement Research projects are popular in the Institution, please advise us if you have any research projects that would suit this important Research CLUSTER (Involving the rigourous accademic research for the artists) researh projects involving the researchers and artists who do not adhere to WIS protocols will be removed from research cluster at the discretion of the research leader (WORLD IMPROVEMENT STRATEGIC TEAM LEADER) will you heed the Master's call ?

Professional Research oportunities! - Research suppprt officer required for World Improvement projects (ability to use Facebook) HUMAN BODIES NEEDED!

Research methodology: creative work undertaken on new knowledge, including knowledge of humans culture and the world improvemnet - practice based research and normal research on the topic of World Improvement - The artist/researchers have the ability to highlighgt THE IMPORTANT issues in society that others do not have the ability (Artist as Researchers!) Join us now and asssit i nthe world improvemnt strategy (WIS) Imporant Note: The scientists have not been able to help issue like climate change and global warming, but the artisr/reseachhrr can help through World Imporvement Strategy based research project.

Our Research Cluster has 47 Friends (Like)- please contact our Institute if you qould like to volunteer on the research artist projects GOOGLE ALERT: No. 1 Research web site OUR plans to impove the worlds not ignore the size of the EARTH in relation to the SUN (Sun Demon)