Human meat ad the membrane- Allocated Reseach time towards world Imporemnet strategies (worthy research) involing hte human body science and cutting edge technology High quiality of the RESEARCH (Rated HIgh in Instutional RESEARH --Please Click: Research Matrix) (Flagship Research Instituts - with the confirim research dollars (external income $$$) (LIKE)

No.1Research milestones: Develeopment of apropriate Research paramereters Research Cluster and its active participants to conduct human symposim on the inside of the humna body Quailty researchers needed fortthe EXPERIMENTAL human research projects of hte Instutute GLOBOLISATION OF THE WORLD Our Research database has shown that many of the artist /reserchers have succussfuly reached all their reqired Research milestones: The Artist researhers have had a breakthrough in World Improvement Stretegies within the Institution (LIKE) IMPORANT RESEARCH GRANTS (LIKE) we can also provide the research training scheme for the volunteer in the institutin also (LIKE) Master class by the artist/reserchers in how to conduct appropriate Research in the Institutesn The Scorched Earth remider (knowledge Apacolypse) (part of body) (human biologiicl material - scince research project) Research projects wit hthe INTERNATIOAN BENEFIT (LIKE) Artist and the Researchers are solvign hte WORLD problems! (LIKE) JOIN us in the Instutution and LIKE our WORLD IMPROVEMNT STRATEGIES (critical resarch for the World) THE new University sctucture sees the new resarh pardigm as critical and vital to the artist researchers in the research institutiom!

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